~~ Echoes of Time ~~

 Reflections on the Mesas and Canyons
of the
Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area
by Joseph Colwell 

Beautiful cover of Joseph Colwell's book, ECHOES OF TIME, essays about Dominguez-Escalante NCA.

           Published in July 2018, Echoes of Time is the result  of Joseph's Artist-in-Residence for the BLM in 2017, in cooperation with  Colorado Canyons Association, the interpretive partner of the BLM in  Grand Junction. Echoes  features two dozen essays written as  Joseph explored the fascinating canyon country that is a designated  National Conservation Area.  His fascination with the ancient geology of  the Uncompahgre Plateau and adjacent canyons leading to the Gunnison  River describes a history of over 1 billion years displayed in the  rock-walled canyons of this part of the ancestral Rocky Mountains.  As  with his other essay collections, and his fiction, Joseph not only  explores the scenery, but the meanings of time and the history of life. 

           Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area (NCA) is a  special place in western Colorado.  It was designated by Congress and is  managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  On the edge of the uplifted  Uncompahgre Plateau and bisected by the Gunnison River and three major  feeder canyons—Escalante, Little Dominguez, and Big Dominguez—as well as  many  smaller straight-walled canyons, it includes Dominguez Canyon  Wilderness .  This wonderland of mesas and canyons displays millions of  years of Earth’s history in its rocks.  It also is home to a variety of  plants and animals that range from river bottom riparian to sagebrush,  pinyon-juniper woodland,  mesa-top grassland and open forest, deer,  bighorn sheep, cougars and chipmunks.

          From early native  inhabitants of thousands of years ago, to the modern history of  Escalante Canyon and its early pioneer settlers and explorers,  to  modern fruit growers, this is a land of people.  From the mysteries of  the wilderness canyons, to the open views for the mesa-top uplands, this  area provides a welcome escape from modern life and opportunities for  discovery and appreciation of one of our Nation’s hidden treasures. 

Echoes of Time Table of Contents

Author’s Invitation
What’s in a Name?
Along the Tabeguache
Big Dominguez
Escalante Canyon
Bennetts Basin
The Lost Mancos Shale
Springtime at the Potholes
Frog Ponds
The Storm: Canyon Life
Solar Eclipse
Listening for Time
Female Rain
Campfire Sky

The Fawn
Footsteps in Time
Modern Fossils
Circles of Time and Roads
Balm for the Soul
The View from Above
The River: Being and Moving
It’s all about the Land
Never Ending Journey
Eagle Rock: Winter Solstice
About the Author
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