In 1977, Katherine began working with etching and aquatint, in black  and white, always looking for contrasts.  Concurrently, she explored  color and texture in hand-embroidery with silk, cotton, and wool.  Since  that beginning, the majority of Katherine’s work has been based on her  40+ years of plein-air drawings in graphite, pen and ink, and  watercolor.
          Throughout Katherine's 4-decades artistic  career, she has been exhibiting and marketing her unique blend of  embroidery, printmaking and drawing nationwide, and also mentoring  individuals and working with organizations in workshops and secondary  art classes, locally, regionally and across the country.
          As  a life-long-learner, Katherine continues building and strengthening her  teaching, mentoring, and artistic media repertoire in divergent  areas:

— Documenting Colwell Cedars’ wonders in photography for this website. 

— Editing Joe's latest three books.

— Organizing her family photos, stories and ephemera (about 180 years worth). 

— Vegetable gardening and landscaping at Colwell Cedars.

         Katherine's extensive educator training in student learning styles  equips her in understanding whether and how much each student is an  intuitive-right-brain learner or a logical-left-brain learner.   She  guides them all to discover the power of learning and balancing logical and intuitive skills to enhance creativity and success of their artworks.

Katherine Colwell atop Wingate cliffs doing plein air drawing, Capitol Reef National Park, 1988.

Katherine Colwell atop Wingate cliffs doing plein air drawing, Capitol Reef National Park, 1988.


       Currently, Katherine's artwork is available for purchase only in her studio-gallery.

        In addition to her 2-Sided and 3-D Embroideries, she has framed wall pieces:  embroidery and drawing with silk paperfusion; hand-made  felt;  embroidered etchings;  monoprints;  watercolors on paper;  plus unframed etchings and drypoint intaglios (traditional ink on paper).

        Please contact us to arrange for  your studio visit, or for information, full-size images, and  prices about any of her work.

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