Katherine Colwell's Art, Studio, and Gallery


Yellow, blue, red watercolor plein air landscape. An example of Katherine Colwell's art class media.

Watercolor. Drawing. Fiber and Fabric. Design. Art Critique.
And Embroidery of course.
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Katherine Colwell's 100+ tree images many media, ready for creating her biggest 3-D embroidery.

The Big Tree Collection will be Katherine's most complex 3-D embroidered book, bringing  together tree images in a variety of media that she created as explorations during her 4-decade artistic career. 

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Detail of Katherine Colwell's 2-sided embroidery, with dyed silk,hand-embroidery, beads, quilting.

Katherine's 2-sided fiber works are typically embroidered and embellished monoprints or hand-dyed silks, pieced or whole-cloth. 

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View of Katherine Colwell's 22-foot long embroidered book, Red White Blue in Utah.

Katherine's 3-dimensional fiber works are typically whole-cloth  surfaces covered with embroidery and/or drawings, in the form of folding  books of silk, cotton, and linen, containing images and hand-stitched  text. 

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Katherine Colwell working in her studio with 2-sided and framed embroidery for sale.

Throughout her 4-decades artistic career, Katherine has exhibited and marketed her unique blend of embroidery, printmaking and  drawing nationwide, as well as mentoring individuals and working with  organizations in workshops and secondary art classes, locally,  regionally and across the country. 

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